The Austrailian drum manufacturor, Brady Drum Company, has announced their closure, effective November, 24, 2015.

In 1980, company founder, Chris Brady, first introduced the world to the first solid wood snare drum hollowed from a jarrah tree. Brady went on to essentially revolutionize the ply shell and block shell method of drum construction, as well as building some of the first 10", 12" and 16" snare drums. For the past 35 years, based in Armadale, an outer suburb of Perth, Western Australia, Brady Drum Company has been a leader in boutique drums, using native Australian hardwoods, particularly jarrah, sheoak, spotted gum, marri, wandoo and lemon scented gum.

The company's client list includes over 400 internationally renowned drummers including Will Calhoun, Steve Ferrone, Mick Fleetwood, Chad Smith, Jeff Porcaro, Larry Mullen, Jr, Tre Cool, Thomas Lang, and Brady's first official, exclusive endorser, Shannon Forrest, who used a BRADY Jarrah Ply drum kit with a hand-lacquered red sparkle finish while touring with Toto in 2014.

Below is the official business closure announcement from Brady:

"It is with sadness that we announce our decision to close Brady Drums. In recent years, our founder and master craftsman, Chris Brady has battled a number of serious health concerns, including a mild stroke. Thankfully, the stroke left no serious damage, however Chris still continues to battle two other chronic conditions.

"Subsequently, regulations set forth by the Australian Corporations Act 2001 (Sect. 201(A)) required us to look at alternatives to our business structure and operations, including but not limited to, the possibilities of moving overseas, or an acquisition to a larger manufacturer or moving operations to another entity. Ultimately, none of these options would ensure that our vision for our instruments and how they should be represented would remain intact so we have chosen for the BRADY brand to have a graceful exit from the marketplace at this time, effective immediately.

"The Brady family continues to retain ownership of the BRADY trademark. As his health permits, Chris will continue to develop new concepts and even handcraft the occasional BRADY drum from time to time, however we expect this to be sporadic and small-scale in nature.

"We are truly, deeply humbled by the way that our fellow drummers around the world have embraced our handcrafted instruments with the same fierce passion we have had in creating them. As Chris was handcrafting his very first drums in garage of our home in Roleystone, Western Australia in 1980, he never could have imagined that his curiosity to seek out new sounds for drummers would have resulted in a worldwide reputation. We are proud that our unique BRADY sound has pioneered acceptance in the international marketplace for instruments crafted from exotic and indigenous species by other superb Australian companies like Sleishman, Fidock, Metro Drum Co, Red Rock Drums, Evetts Drums and SIA Drums.

"We would also like to give recognition to the small handful of talented individuals who have worked alongside the Brady family to bring our instruments to the world, especially Ric Shinnick, Steve Essex, Darren Versaico, Craig Anderson and Lea Adams, the latter two whom have grown into excellent craftsmen. Thank you.

"No words can adequately express our gratitude to you all for your 35 years of support. It has been a magnificent journey."

The Brady Family
November 24, 2015