As a growing company with a great product to sell, Cymbomute Ltd has been investigating ways of making life easier for our U.S. customers. Now all Cymbomute products are being held across the U.S. in the Amazon warehouse network, and are therefore eligible for Prime and all the other benefits of buying from Amazon.

Cymbomute is a very shippable product, so Amazon is a good fit as a way of getting it out to Cymbomute customers. Currently products are listed on, with (Canada) and (Mexico) soon to follow. The Cymbomute online store and main website — cymbomute.comremain open for orders outside the U.S. and Europe.

Cymbomute started back in 2013 in the U.K. as a ‘kitchen table business’ and as Director, Hugh Lawrence says: “Who’d have thought that by Christmas 2015 Cymbomute products would be warehoused across Europe and the US, with thousands of drummers from dozens of countries already benefitting from a better design of cymbal mute?!”

The future looks bright for Cymbomute Ltd – after all, it’s simply a great product!

Cymbomute is available through the Drummer Cafe, via ... CLICK HERE!