Three years on, Cymbomute, the class leader in consumable cymbal practice mutes, is still a fast growing global brand. Cymbomute practice mutes allow drummers to retain the use of their REAL cymbals when volume is a constraint. Simply stretch the mute around the cymbal - each mute has a ready-to-go center fold to keep it seated on the rim. Practice is ‘Back to Bronze’! No more ‘pad aim’, no more ‘rubbery rebound’ – just play! When replacements or additions are required there is a comprehensive range. They are available globally via and are also held and shipped by Amazon across Europe and the USA.

  • The 8/9 & 10/11 Pack is perfect for your Splash cymbals.
  • The 12/13 & 14/15 Pack for your HiHats, larger Splashes or small Crashes.
  • The 16/17 & 18/19 Pack will mute your Crashes.
  • The 20/21 & 14/15 Pack features a WIDE RIDE mute and the most common HiHat size – the ultimate practice solution for your HiHat and Ride.

CM0810PK £14.99 $20.99 €19.99
CM1214PK £16.99 $23.99 €21.99
CM1618PK £17.99 $21.99 €23.99
CM1420PK £24.99 $34.99 €31.99

Now the range is complete! The Four Pack, The Three Pack, FOUR NEW 2-PACKS, and SIX individual sizes. Whatever your set-up Cymbomute can mute it and you can get “Back to Bronze!”

Cymbomute remains a 100% British made, high quality product. Available for cymbals 06”-24”.