PAS Museum

Located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, the Rhythm! Discovery Center, a creative vision of the Percussive Arts Society, is a museum unlike any other museum in the world. That’s because the Rhythm! Discovery Center is the world’s foremost drum and percussion museum— filled with unique, interactive exhibits highlighting a rich collection of historic artifacts and hands-on percussion instruments. Drawing upon cultures from around the world, Rhythm! offers an incomparable experience in exploring the universality of rhythm and percussion, and its role in shaping communication, music, art, performance and society.

Recently, members of PAS and R!DC staff reached out to the Electronic Percussion Industry Council (EPIC) to request assistance in procuring instruments for the museum’s new electronic percussion exhibit, “Spark! From Tubes to Chips”. Due to EPIC’s efforts, contributions of electronic percussion instruments were provided for the exhibit by electronic drum companies and private collectors. These objects will be displayed along with drumkits, drumpads, drum machines and other e-drum devices going back to the 1970’s and 80’s when the hands-on exhibit opens to the public in early November, 2016.

EPIC is co-founded and directed by Allan Leibowitz (digitalDrummer) and David Levine (Full Circle Management). For more information on EPIC activities and membership, visit