Hammerax Liquicy

Hammerax has released a video revealing over 50 new Liquicy cymbal from their private collection.

Hammerax Liquicy cymbals were unveiled in 2007 after research into developing a cymbal of increased flex which yielded a deep vibrato style wobble.

Early Liquicy cymbals were crashes geared toward max depth of wobble with a slow deep wave. Research continued and after years of work, Hammerax utilized a greater variety of shapes, hammer patterns and heat treating to expand the possibilities of Liquicy. These later tests were handmade at great expense and a few surprising features emerged- Some had a bell-like cup ping.

Many were ride worthy with good stick definition. Liquicy flatrides were proven to have defined stick definition with a lush, shifting tone. Negative cup Liquicy were found to have a focused, icy tone with very deep wobbling. Medium weight experiments proved successful - yielding louder and more aggressive Liquicy cymbals. The most unique of the tests were held in a private archive vault.

"The shimmering wobble and flanging wash remain, with tones, speeds and depths of greater variety than the original Liquicy cymbals. Some pieces have a more subtle and traditional voice. Some are more daring than ever." "These are not just custom shop cymbals- they are true one-of-a-kind instruments" stated Hammerax President, John Stannard.

Over 50 of these landmark pieces are now revealed in a fascinating video which provides a glimpse into the inventive minds at Hammerax.

All Hammerax products are 100% Made In USA. Patents registered and pending. For more information, please contact Hammerax directly: www.hammerax.com.