Slapklatz Gel Dampeners

SlapKlatz is no new name on the drum accessory scene. This Danish brand of drum dampers, have been around for several years. In fact, SlapKlatz was the first company to offer invisible (clear) dampers.

However, US drummers has not previously been able to buy these dampers.But now you can!

So, what does SlapKlatz do, that will benefit you as a drummer?

Let's break it down:

  • You get 10 individual damper gels in a pack: 6x small (2cm), 2x medium (3cm) and 2x large (4cm). This ensures worldclass dampening!
  • You can choose from two colors: Clear (invisible) or (the luminous) Alien Green.
  • You get a rugged container, with plenty of room, for easy access and storage.
  • SlapKlatz gels are really sticky. Like “right on the underside of your cymbals” sticky.

These dampers are used and approved by Benny Greb, Anika Nilles, John "JR" Robinson, Gergo Borlai and many more.

US Customers can purchase SlapKlatz online through the Drummer Cafe via Amazon.