Spaun Drums 20th Anniversary Kits

Brian Spaun, President and CEO of Spaun Drums and Scymtek Cymbals has introduced their new 20th Anniversary 100% African Mahogany drum kits.

The drum kit features a beautiful exotic face veneer of Ebony Ivory. Shell sizes are 8x10, 9x12, 14x14, 14x16 and 18x22 with an optional 7x14 or 7x13 snare drum. The toms and snare drums are 6ply 5.4mm and the bass drum is 8ply 7.2mm. Other features include Spaun’s proprietary SBR Solid Brass Resonator Lugs and 20 th Anniversary Wood Badges.

This is a Limited Edition from Spaun and only 20 drum kits are available worldwide.

According to Brian Spaun “the 100% Mahogany shell is very rich in low frequencies, with a well-defined note, and good attack. It certainly has a lower voice than maple- vibrant and resonant with lots of harmonics and slightly reduced highs.”

Street price for the 5pc shell pack is $3799. The optional 7x14 and 7x13 snare drums are $499 and $479 respectively.