Spaun Designer Kit

Brian Spaun, President and CEO of Spaun Drums and Scymtek Cymbals has introduced their new Designer Series drum kits and snare drums. Key features of the new series allows the customer to choose from more than a dozen woods, or even combine various woods, to create a totally custom shell configuration. Number of plies, reinforcement rings, exotic faces, sizes, finish, hardware color, and signature badges are all up to the customer so they can create their own “one-of-a-kind” drum kit or snare drum.

One of Spaun’s pre-created Designer Series kits is modeled after finely crafted acoustic guitars. It features Spruce and Mahogany shells with their SBR Solid Brass Resonator Lugs. The drums feature 3 plies of Spruce, followed by 3 plies of Mahogany, and the face features Spruce with a Mahogany stripe. The kick drums is a total of 7-ply with one additional ply of Mahogany.

According to Brian Spaun “Spruce and Mahogany combines very well together, as many acoustic guitar manufacturers will attest to. The deep, rich voice of Mahogany is complimented by the responsive and resonant characteristics of Spruce.”

Street price for the 3pc shell pack (8x12, 14x16, 18x22) is $2499. The optional 6.5x14 snare drum is $499.Spaun Designer Snare Drum