Adding the most requested features from their community of users and new preset samples and kits

Sensory Percussion

Sunhouse recently released its first major software update, version 1.1.0, to Sensory Percussion, a technology that uses specialized sensors to translate acoustic drumming to the world of electronic music production.

The enhancements in version 1.1.0 came directly from feedback by Sensory Percussion’s users and include Velocity I/O, MIDI-IN control, an updated threshold panel, and improved cross talk cancellation. The full list of updates include:

  • Velocity I/O: Sample play at the same volume no matter how hard a drum is hit, or have a sample programmed to play if the drum is hit above a certain volume.
  • MIDI-IN: MIDI-IN control is now part of Sensory Percussion. An obvious use case would be to use a foot pedal to switch kits. But you can assign MIDI controllers to any knob or button in Sensory Percussion. There are currently two types: note on/off and control change.
  • Sampler-Level Filters: Use new high-pass and low-pass filters right on the sampler. If a user is stacking samplers on a pad (ex. one sampler for synth sounds and one for percussive sounds), they can now have a filter on just one sampler and not the whole pad.
  • Kit-Wide Controllers: Create Velocity and Speed controllers that take input from the entire kit.
  • Set-level assignments: Set controllers to persist across kits. This is most useful for kit switching, but also for when users want to have the same send controller on all their kits.
    Button Assignments: Assign controllers to buttons including mutes, solos, etc.
  • Refreshed Threshold Panel: Do straight thresholding with the red line, or now set a parameter to adjust for buzzy/resonant drums like loose kicks and floor toms.
  • Cross Talk Improvements: Cross talk is better overall in 1.1, but there is now also an option for how much cross-talk filtering you want the system to do.
  • Input Routing: Choose which channel on your interface goes to which channel in Sensory Percussion

Sensory Percussion is also releasing new preset samples and kits including SIMIO, a kit from the yet-to-be-released sound pack Astrologia Sintezilo. The kit comes with all new earthy additions to the Worldly Sounds pack, such as live recordings of forest rocks, logs and leaves, layered beneath the chordal sounds of a sample synth patch designed at Sunhouse.

Software updates are free for existing users who will receive an email to update. Any new users will automatically be given version 1.1.0.

Sunhouse - Sensory Percussion

About Sunhouse

Sunhouse is a new kind of music tech company founded by three Latino siblings from Los Angeles: a team of musicians, engineers and designers creating high-tech systems that enable new forms of musical creativity. Sunhouse technology is created with the vision of building systems with musical intelligence; systems that are smart enough to listen to and respond to a musician’s artistry to open up new creative possibilities in live performance and studio recording.