Yamaha 8300R Series Timpani

Yamaha Corporation of America, Band & Orchestral division, unveils the 8300R Series Professional Hammered Copper Timpani. Offering exceptional Yamaha quality and construction, this top-of-the-line timpani series features cambered hammered copper bowls, the exclusive Yamaha Pedal Adjustment Clutch (PAC) system, and 24-inch and 27-inch models for expanded musical potential.

Perfect for colleges, schools of music, music conservatories and symphonies, the 8300R Series Timpani offer a host of unique upgrades that result in a rich, deep tone, as well as superior playability. The timpani provide a bigger overall sound, thanks to a deeper, broader, "cambered" profile. Squarer than conventional bowl designs, this new profile represents a further refinement on the bowl design of previous models, and results in greater bowl volume. A flatter bottom produces an ideal timpani decay, along with outstanding mallet feel and response.

The most desirable qualities of copper are emphasized, with carefully considered refinements to bearing edge shape (the edge that contacts the timpani head), the diameter of the aperture in the bottom of the bowl, and more. In addition, a more uniform bowl thickness contributes to improved resonance.

The Yamaha PAC system, an industry exclusive, allows for easy adjustment of pedal resistance, while maintaining perfect pedal balance. The Yamaha PAC system helps to assure greater safety and security for players with an auxiliary brake provided on the pedal caster. If a performer fails to engage the main caster brakes, the auxiliary brake can be engaged to prevent movement.

A host of construction refinements provide timpanists with an enhanced playing experience. Now, the main caster height can be easily adjusted by a single person with a tuning key, and without having to lift the caster off the floor. In addition, the holder attaches with a bolt rather than adhesive tape, enabling the attachment point to be changed easily and repeatedly as required.

The width of the accidental note name markers has been increased by 1.5mm for easier positioning, and so they are less likely to drop inside the indicator. Concurrently, the width of the natural note name markers has been reduced by 1.0mm to maintain comfortable marker spacing. An "H" marker is now supplied as a standard accessory, enabling the player to choose "B" or "H," according to preference.

A clearer tone and improved sound quality result from the use of a harder urethane material for the main casters, while the width of the casters has also been increased from 22mm to 26mm, enhancing mobility.

The Yamaha 8300R Series Timpani come with head covers and long drop covers to protect the instrument during storage and transportation Prices range from $5,690 to $7,226 MSRP for individual timpani or from $13,426 to $32,292 MSRP for sets of four and five. The 8300R Series is shipping now. For more information, please visit 4wrd.it/8300RSERIESTIMPANI