Yamaha 1450A Concert Snare Drum

At the 2016 NAMM Show, Yamaha Drums showcased the company’s next generation CSS-1450A and CSS-1465A Concert Snare Drum models featuring upgraded hardware.

Ideally suited for wind ensembles and a wide variety of musical genres, the CSS series has earned an enviable reputation as one the top selling models in the concert snare drum category, exceeding similar brands in every aspect of sound and overall quality.

The new models provide a significant upgrade from the original CSS series, most notably in their highly durable 1.2mm chrome-plated steel shells, making them the only drums of this kind offered by a major percussion manufacturer specifically for the concert percussion market. Other improvements include a 3-piece zinc/steel tubular lug tuning system to optimize the shell vibration, and a Q-Type strainer which enables the snares to be tightened and released quickly and easily. Coiled snares make it effortless to play even-sounding rolls, perfect for both the beginning and intermediate percussionist, while the 30/45 bearing edge ensures fast transfer of vibration throughout the shell for increased sensitivity and warmth.
Designed with aspiring drummers in mind, the CSS-1450A (9.2 lbs.; 14” X 5”) and CSS-1465A (10.5 lbs.; 14” X 6.5”) are built to be concert snare drums as the first priority, but ideal for all types of situations, including with a drum set.

“It was as important to respect the history, quality, and playability of our successful CSS Series as it was to improve upon it,” said Troy C. Wollwage, marketing manager, percussion instruments, Yamaha Corporation of America. “After more than 36,000 consecutive tests that included every component of these drums, these concert snare drums have proven themselves to be worthy of the Yamaha name in every way.”

Pricing and Availability

Yamaha CSS-A series chrome and steel concert snare drums are currently shipping and have an MSRP of $546.00 for the CSS-1405A and $598.00 for CSS-1465A. Both models offer a one-year warranty.