Yamaha FFLB

Yamaha introduces the Free Floating Lug Bridge™ (FFLB™) Multi Tenor Mounting System from Randall May International (RMI) for use on marching multi toms. A remarkable innovation over previous drum spacers, the FFLB was designed to be installed without drilling into the drum’s shell by using Free Floating Lug Bridge technology.

High-strength performance polymer bridge suspension connectors use the drums existing lug casings. This significantly reduces the weight of the connecting hardware, while relieving stress on the multi-tom shell and attaching the drum at its preferred sonic region.

The outside drums (3 and 4) connect to the tenor back rail via lightweight, aluminum integrated FFLB components that serve as both a connector/spacer and a lug casing suspension, maximizing the sonic potential of the instrument. The versatile design also enables the tenor array to be flat, eliminating potential sag with drums 3 and 4. It also allows for easy reconfiguration – from a small array to a large, or from a large array to a small one, requiring only one additional drum with the appropriate FFLB set.

The FFLB is perfect for the competitive percussion sections of drum and bugle corps, indoor percussion ensembles and competitive high school band marching programs. The FFLB maintains the same desired playing zones (sweet spot) for both the small and large tenor configurations, preserving performers muscle memory transitioning from small to large arrays or vice versa.

"With the FFLB, a new generation of multi-tom suspension mounting system has arrived, and it’s offering multiple benefits to marching percussionists," says Randall May, president and CEO of Randall May International. "FFLB is a lightweight, easy-to-install system that enhances playing stability and sweet spot consistency, while enhancing the drums’ intrinsic sonic properties."

The RMI mounting system will be used by all nine of the "All Yamaha" drum and bugle corps in 2017.

The RMI FFLB System now comes standard on all Yamaha 8300 Series multi-toms (MSRP: $1,946 to $3,358), including carrier, stand and case. It will be on display at Midwest Clinic 2016 and NAMM 2017.

For more information about Yamaha marching multi toms, please visit 4wrd.it/8300SERIESMULTITOMS