New Book by Try Publishing Transforms Junior Drumkits into a Valuable Learning Tool

Drumset for Preschoolers

TRY Publishing proudly announces the release of Drumset for Preschoolers: A Guide for Teachers/Parents of 2 to 6 Year-Olds. This book has been specially designed by drummer/teacher/inventor Andy Ziker to extend the life of the mini-drumset through a unique, fun, and easy teaching method.

Drumset for Preschoolers is compatible with all brands of junior drumkits and will also work with the plastic drum peripheral that comes with the Rock Band video game. The book uses a color-coded notation system and is accompanied by a page of colored identification stickers. The book also includes valuable information on the following:

• Drumset assembly instructions
• How to quiet down the drums
• Protecting the hearing of your little one
• Picking out drumsticks
• How to hold the sticks and use the pedals

Drumset for Preschoolers involves these early childhood, music, and drumming skills and concepts (and many more…).

• The Alphabet
• Counting
• Soft to loud
• Slow to fast
• How to read music notation
• Simple Rock Beats

Free supplemental videos are available HERE. These short clip will provide key insight for teachers and parents without musical training. Drumset for Preschoolers is an amazing deal at $16.95, available at your local music store or online today through the Drummer Cafe.


Drumset for Preschoolers: A Guide for Parents/Teachers of 2-6 Year-Olds, written by Andy Ziker and published by TRY Publishing, is a 42-page book designed with a unique approach to teaching toddlers and preschoolers. In conjunction with a color-coded music notation system, commonly seen in today's music video games, the book comes with colored stickers which are applied to the drums and cymbals — making it easier to communicate, identify and teach the child which instrument corresponds to its similar colored note on the page.

Drumset for Preschoolers starts out with an introduction, explaining how the book focuses on the development of early childhood and general music skills — allowing the mini-drumset to become less of a toy and more a learning tool. There's also some discussion on the various types of junior drumkit configurations that will work with the book. The reader is guided through the process of using the book, applying it to three different ability levels, providing an impressive list of skills and concepts that will be covered in the book, as well as in-depth explanations on how to make use of the colored stickers as well as the color scheme for the written music notation.

Drumset for Preschoolers doesn't assume that the parent/teacher knows anything about the drums by providing plenty of diagrams on how to set up and arrange the drumset with its many parts. There is also discussion on how to tune the drums, how to pick out a pair of drumsticks, how to hold the drumsticks, and basic playing techniques for operating the pedals.

Level One, the simplest exercises in the book, involves the processes of counting, identifying the various instruments in the drumset, their color (sticker) relationship, and using the sticks (clicking together) for counting and syllabic rhythm identification (eg. clicking the alphabet or the child's name). There's also a sizable number of game type exercises to engage the child and keep his/her interest.

Level Two introduces slightly more challenging games (ie. exercises) which incorporates more of the drumset and reading music notation. There are also a number of kid sing-alongs, such as "Bingo" and "Yankee Doodle" which are written out for the drums, allowing the child to immediately identify the written rhythms of the tunes melody, and playing those rhythms on the appropriate instrument within the drumset. The parent/teacher is encouraged to use these concepts and apply them further by integrating other nursery rhymes and/or songs. A list of song titles is given ... in case you can't think of any on your own.

Level Three goes even further with more complex rhythms, again making use of popular children songs but with new renditions such as "Old MacDonald Had Some Drums." The child also begins working towards playing basic drum grooves to the music.

Drumset for Preschoolers is a must-have for any parent/teacher with toddler or preschooler in possession of a drumset. Although the book's pages have a plastic-type coating to aid in keeping the book clean, and perhaps less likely to rip or tear, Drumset for Preschoolers is a teacher's guide; it's not meant to remain in the possession of the unsupervised child.

I've personally used Drumset for Preschoolers with several of my young students, and the results I saw were extremely positive. Although I already blended many of these concepts in my teaching practice, I most definitely gleaned some new ideas to further the child's progress. The color-coded concept, identifying the instruments via the colored stickers and colored music notation, is brilliant and works very well. Whether you are an experienced music teacher or a parent with a child in love with the drums, Drumset for Preschoolers is going to be a blessing to have at your disposal. I would go as far to say that every music store or drum shop that sells junior drumsets should include a copy of this book. In case you don't fully understand what I'm saying, let me word it another way; I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK.

If you should need more assistance with using Drumset for Preschoolers, author Andy Ziker has created some free supplemental video clips for you. You'll find them on his website,, or on his YouTube channel, drumscapes.

One final thought. I know many parents break into a cold sweat with the thought of having the sounds of pounding drums in the house all day. Not only does Drumset for Preschoolers give you some much needed structure for the young child on the drums, but the book includes instructions on how to make your own sound dampeners. [and all the parents say "YES!"] Andy Ziker has written a DIY article here at the Drummer Cafe entitled, Homemade Mute Pads, which will give you a sneak-peak into the well-thought-out details you find in his book.