Latin Elements for the Drum SetMel Bay's QwikGuide, Latin Elements for the Drumset by Frank Briggs, has over 150 exercises focusing on keeping steady 16th notes between the HiHat and Snare while laying an ostinato on the Bass Drum. Companion CD included.


This concise little booklet has the potential to be excellent tool for anyone desiring to delve into the world of Latin drumming. Frank has done a fine job of laying down a good foundation for you in this book. His approach of playing alternating sixteenth-notes between the HiHat and Snare drum, while systematically adding accents across the bar, is something that I do with my students, and with great results.

The book is divided into two parts. Part 1 introduces the Brazilian style with the popular kick pattern found in Samba and Bossa Nova. Part 2 introduces the Afro-Cuban style with a popular kick pattern used in Mambo and Salsa approaches.

With the companion CD, Frank demonstrates each exercise by playing them four times (4 measures) at a moderate tempo.

Latin Elements for the Drumset is an introduction, containing "elements" used in the Latin music style. Completing this book will put you on the right path for further development in your Latin drumming studies. Even if you're not wanting to go deeper into Latin drumming, this QwikGuide will give you some solid basic coordination studies that you'll use in Funk, Jazz, Second Line, and more.

Recommended for teachers, students new to Latin drumming, and anyone desiring to expand their syncopation vocabulary.