Mallet Appetizers For Two by Larry LawlessREVIEW4cups

Ten tasty morsels of easy keyboard mallet duets by Larry Lawless. This book includes a performance CD with the parts on split channels (left/right) allowing part isolation for practice or performance. These percussion duets will work great for festival or concert programming. A true delicacy for the beginning keyboard connoisseur!

These duets, ranging from simple to intermediate, can be performed on a variety of mallet percussion instruments; the ranges are small enough to work on a beginning percussion bell kit but can be played on any combination of bells, xylophone, vibraphone or marimba.

I found these pieces to be enjoyable and witty ... with lots of room for creativity by the student performer. Believe it or not, there's not many materials available to young mallet players that are not only musical but interesting and fun to play ... so Mallet Appetizers for Two is a welcome addition to the percussion literature menu!

To view excerpts and audio sound bytes, visit Row Loff Productions.