Mind Matters: Overcoming Common Mental Barriers In Drumming - A User's Manual for the Mind

Written by Bernie Schallehn, a certified mental health and substance abuse counselor (retired) with degrees in behavioral science and counseling who is also a working drummer and frequent contributor to Modern Drummer, Mind Matters provides insights and exercises for developing the mental and emotional skills that complement the physical and musical techniques employed by today's most successful drummers. The book is meant to be read, studied and practiced away from the drums, and it can benefit drummers and other musicians at any level - from beginner to advanced, amateur to professional.



Mind Matters: Overcoming Common Mental Barriers In Drumming - A User's Manual for the Mind, is a 120-page book which provides clinical concepts and practical guidelines to aid the drummer and/or percussionist in becoming a more confident, relaxed and competent creative artist.

Within the nine chapters, Schallehn explains how the human brain works and how we think via visual, aural and kinesthetic inputs. He discusses how we are motivated, build self-esteem, set goals, resolve and deal with conflicts and rejection, work through anxiety, fear and stress, navigate through band dynamics, and steps to overcoming common mental barriers in drumming.

Through real life scenarios and anecdotes, Mind Matters gives constructive philosophies, techniques and methodologies to assist the musician (not just drummers) in building the physical, mental and emotional energy, chops if you will, that it takes to exist in the world of music.

It doesn't matter if you are new to drumming or played the drums all your life, drummers and percussionists will find a wealth of information and exercises in Mind Matters — a tangible assistant in one's journey to find balance and focus in the art of drumming and making music.

An enjoyable, informative read — recommended for all musicians, novice to professional.