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Rush 2112 - Drumset Transcriptions

2112, Rush's fourth album, is their earliest commercially successful hit and considered to be their first true "classic" album. With a unique blend of heavy rock and progressive rock, Rush crafted a true masterpiece in the seven-movement suite "2112," a concept piece with lyrics by Neil Peart that tells the story of a futuristic society controlled by technology.


2112 • A Passage to Bangkok • The Twilight Zone
Lessons • Tears • Something for Nothing



The drum transcriptions seem to accurate as I compared them to the original recordings. The notation is clean and easy to read. I would have, however, liked to have seen more consistent notation with respect to accents and ghost notes. Anyone desiring to learn exactly what Neil Peart played or play-along to the original recordings will find this book very useful.

The retail price of $14.95 may be a little steep for a 32-page book of transcriptions from a single album.

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