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Pete Zimmer Quartet - Chillin' Live @ Jazz Factory

Chillin' Live marks Pete Zimmer's fourth CD as a leader. It was recorded live on the second night of a ten-day USA tour during September of 2007 in Louisville, Kentucky at the Jazz Factory. This newly-formed group is captured on a special night when three of Zimmer's originals were played for the very first time by the band. These originals were done in one take, similar in style of a legendary recording by Miles Davis, Kind of Blue, in that the rest of the band did not see or play these charts (besides bassist David Wong) prior to when they were on the bandstand that night. The consequence is an extremely fresh and exciting collection of music.

Pete Zimmer - drums
Jeremy Pelt - trumpet & flugelhorn
Avi Rothbard - guitar
David Wong - bass


1. Search (Pete Zimmer)
2. Summer Somber (Pete Zimmer)
3. Doxy (Sony Rollins)
4. Una Mas (Kenny Dorham)
5. Common Man (Pete Zimmer)
6. From This Moment On (Cole Porter)


Before listening to Chillin' Live, I had never heard of Pete Zimmer. But after listening to this CD, I now understand how this could be Zimmer's fourth CD as a band leader. Not only is he a good composer, evidenced by the fact that his own tunes sound cohesive and blend well among the other well-known jazz standards on this CD, but Zimmer's swinging chops and musical prowess make him a "must hear" in the jazz genre.

Besides the wonderful compositions and fine playing by all four musicians, I really like the fact that this CD was recorded live to two-track (September 7, 2007). Jazz, at its very core, is about self-expression, interaction and spontaniety. Recording a live "in the moment" performance, especially one where half the musicians on stage had not even seen the charts beforehand, has got to be one of the tenants of jazz.

Zimmer's pithy drumming style consistently propels the band forward, whether using sticks or brushes. He's definitely someone you'll want to keep an eye on ... and Chillin' Live @ Jazz Factory is a substantial rung on the musical career ladder of Pete Zimmer.

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