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Paul Wertico - Drum PhilosophyPaul Wertico is internationally known as one of the most versatile and musical drummers in music today. Paul gained world recognition as a member of the Pat Metheny Group, but has also played with jazz notables from Eddie Harris to Larry Coryell, in addition to being the leader of his own Paul Wertico Trio. When not playing the drums, Paul is an active educator as Head of Jazz Studies at Chicago College of Performing Arts. He has won numerous Grammy awards and was voted "Fusion Drummer of the Year" in DRUM! magazine's reader's poll.

Paul's unique approach to the drumset is as much mental as it is physical. His analysis of the performances included in this DVD will give you great insight into the philosophy he employs when he sits down at the drumset. Topics covered include stick technique, approach to soloing, ghost notes, practicing, listening, and interacting with other musicians. Also featured are in-studio ensemble performances of original songs, followed by in-depth discussion and analysis.

For more information about Paul Wertico, visit www.paulwertico.com.


Paul Wertico - Drum Philosophy trailer



Originally released in 1997 but now available in DVD format, Paul Wertico - Drum Philosophy now has a run time of 110 minutes with the added special features.

It's important to note up front that this is not an instructional DVD. Educational yes, but not instructional in the way that many may have come to know (and expect). The DVD is about Paul Wertico's philosophy of drumming and approach to the drums. So if you are looking for a "how to" type of video, you are going to be disappointed. However, if you are into Paul's playing and would like to learn more about his musical thoughts and why he does what he does, you will be quite pleased with this DVD.

Paul Wertico - Drum Philosophyopens with a short introduction by Paul, followed by a brief explanation of his loose, "fingers off", stick technique. What follows are studio performances of Paul's band performing four tunes from their repertoire. Tunes include: "The Smuggler", "Cowboys and Africans", "Magical Space", and "Time Pulse". Paul takes time to give a little introduction for each tune, then afterwards, an explanation of what he actually played and why. Peppered throughout the video are comments about Paul from other musicians in the band.

Besides his perspectives for each of these four tunes performed, Paul spends some time giving his thoughts on playing musicial and using ghost strokes, as well as some insightful advice for young drummers.

Bonus features include:

  • Metrum 3, a short film from Polish director Przemek Mlynczyk featuring painter Magda Bielesz and Paul Wertico.
  • Excerpts from Paul's appearance on Columbia College Chicago's television show, Musician's Studio.
  • A drum solo from Paul's performance at Sligo Jazz Project in 2007.
  • Exclusive footage of Paul's band, Earwax Control, playing at Curt Bley's wedding in 1986.
  • Excerpts from Paul's solo performance at the 1997 Modern Drummer Festival.


Drummers that are serious about their craft and who desire to pursue music as a profession will find Paul Wertico - Drum Philosophya useful resource to draw from. Although Paul's background and focus is most definitely within the jazz genre (I've been following his playing since his days with the fusion group, Simon & Bard), his wisdom and musical prowess makes him a prime candidate for the mentor position of any sincere student in the art of drumming.

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