Aquarian Hi-Velocity Snare Drumhead

Aquarian Drumheads has given the Drummer Cafe an exclusive preview of its new Hi-Velocity™ Snare Drumhead. An all around head for the working drummer.

The Hi-Velocity™ is a two-ply (7 mil each ply) drumhead with a Power-Thin™ dot on the underside of the head for extra strength, plus Aquarian's new Z-100 Texture Coating.

  • No dampening needed in most miking and recording situations.
  • Very durable and road tested.
  • Full sound and projection.
  • Very versatile.

The Hi-Velocity™ can be used in many styles of music including country, pop, blues, rock and metal.

Comfortable to play at all volume levels from soft to very loud.

"The Hi-Velocity™ drumhead has it all", so say the Aquarian endorsers who participated in testing Hi-Velocity™ under actual playing conditions.


I lived with the Aquarian Hi-Velocity drumhead for about two months, using it on both wood and metal shell Snare drums, in a wide variety of situations.

The drumhead held up very well in the recording studio as well live playing situations, and sounded great within Pop, Rock, Country and Jazz music genres. Even after dozens upon dozens of hours of use, playing everything from ghost-strokes to heavy backbeats, brushes to drumsticks, the Hi-Velocity drumhead was always ready for the next musical adventure. The Z-100 texture coating remained consistent and intact; very impressive.

I don't make a habit of using a two-ply drumhead for my Snare drum batter heads simply because I haven't liked the sound in the past. But with the Hi-Velocity drumhead I'm able to get a sound from the drum that I really like while at the same time getting a lot of mileage, flexibility and durability from one drumhead.

I'm definitely going to be using the Hi-Velocity™ drumhead in the future; you'll probably find it on one or two of my Snare drums at any given time. I would highly recommend this drumhead for anyone needing an all-round drumhead that can work in any number of music environments.