Aquarian Quik-Bounce Practice Pad

The Quik-Bounce Pad is a smaller, more portable version of Aquarian's highly successful Tru-Bounce Practice Pad. Its smaller size makes it easier to transport and bring with you wherever you go. The Quik-Bounce drum pad provides an active playing surface of specially selected neoprene for a true and accurate response. Comfortable to play on without the "overly-springy" feel of traditional gum rubber. Even at the softest volumes, each stick note is articulated and can be heard. The result is a more accurate rebound that helps to develop control, strength and speed. It makes you work a little harder (but not too hard) when practicing. The drum pad mounts easily on an 8mm threaded cymbal stand.

Aquarian Quik-Bounce Practice Pad features:

  • 6" diameter
  • Small and easy to transport
  • Specially selected neoprene surface
  • Mounts on 8mm threaded cymbal stand


The Quik-Bounce Practice Padtice Pad looks a lot like it's big brother, the Tru-Bounce Practice Pad, but has one unique feature in that the Quik-Bounce can be mounted on to any 8mm threaded cymbal stand. If you've not already done so, watch my video review of the Tru-Bounce to see how the response and feel compares with a real Snare drum as well as another leading practice pad.

The small, six-inch, diameter of the Quik-Bounce does eliminate the possibility of hearing a difference in playing from edge to center on the pad like you get with the Tru-Bounce. Still, the Quik-Bounce is a fantastic practice pad simply because it feels like a real drum's playing surface.

To have all of this in a pad that fits in your stick bag, cymbal bag or school backpack is fantastic!

For beginners, school percussionists, and those looking to get into drumming, the Quik-Bounce is available as a pack (QBP6), complete with a pair of Aquarian's 5A LITES graphite drumsticks. Aquarian's graphite sticks make for a great practice stick, as they are consistent in weight and balance, and have a natural rebound similar to wood drumsticks.

I highly recommend this practice pad and practice pad combo pack.