Custom Stix™ allows you to create your own high quality full color custom drumsticks with your own personalized message. A professional quality drumstick that can be used for playing, making it a great gifts for those who play drums professionally or just for fun. Custom Stix™ allows you to express yourself with your own signature model custom drumsticks. You no longer have to order 50 pair, pay a set-up fee, shipping charges and wait 4-6 weeks for delivery. Custom Stix™ allows you to have your own personalized custom drumsticks with dozens of designs to choose from. Each order comes with free shipping, and you'll receive your sticks in less than two weeks after placing your order.


Custom Stix™ uses hand selected USA hickory wood, but currenly only offers 5B wood tip drumstick size. The sticks are manufactured by a major U.S. drumstick company that specializes in specialty drumsticks as well as providing sticks to other stick companies that want the best drumsticks for their clients. I was impressed with the quality of the artwork on the drumstick; the patented process is owned by the drumstick manufacturer. The artwork is not applied by a wrap, coating, or screen print, but rather a heat fused transfer process. You can’t peel it off, scratch it off, or rub it off; the artwork becomes one with the wood. Nice.

Custom Stix™ are smooth, straight, and consistent, however the tip of sticks are a bit rough, and one pair of the two pair I received was not matched pitch wise.

At the time of this review, the minimum order is $29.95 with free USA shipping, and you receive two pair of Custom Stix™. Quanity discounts are available, which is something you'll want to consider, especially if you have a habit of breaking drumsticks.

The Custom Stix™ would definitely make a nice gift for the drummer/percussionist in your life. Young percussionists in the school band will find it useful to have their name on their drumsticks. Not only do the sticks look cool, but the youngster won't have to worry about whose sticks are whose while at school.

Blown Away Innovations also offers the ability to use your own artwork that you design with a minimum order of 12 pair of drumsticks for only $8.25 per pair. That's very reasonable. They can also create a custom design for you for an additional fee.

For more information, see all of the available designs and/or place an order, visit