DW Delta II Ball Bearing Hinge

The Delta II Ball Bearing Hinge is a replacement part for DW 9000, 9002, 9500, 9502LB, 9550, 5000AD3, 5002AD3, 5000TD3, 5000ND3, 5002ND3, 5002TDL3, 5500TD, 5500D, 5502LB, 5520, 70000PT and 7002PT kick / bass drum pedals.


First a little introduction. I've been a Drum Workshop pedal owner for almost two decades now. I currently own several DW 5000ND3 Turbo Strap-Drive Single Pedals that I absolutely love. One of the pedals has the old standard hinge while the other has the newer DW Delta (Ball Bearing) Hinge which is fantastic!

I wanted to replace the old standard DW hinge because ... well, it was noisy in the recording studio. A drummer and engineer's worst nightmare is a squeaky Bass drum pedal. In my case, the pedal wasn't THAT noisy ... it's just that I'm very picky. There was just enough play in the old hinge at the heel of the pedal board that there was an occasional clicking sound that I could no longer tolerate. I've lived with it for so long, only using that particular bass pedal for live gigs and performances, but that was a real pain. I got really tired of having to check to make sure I had the "right pedal" every time I had a recording session. I really like how the DW Delta Ball Bearing Hinge feels on my other pedals, and I wanted ALL of my pedals to available for use in the studio ... so I decided I've GOT to make the upgrade.

Well, the process couldn't have been easier! I started to remove the heel plate (so I could remove the hinge) when I realized it wasn't necessary. Drum Workshop designed their pedals so well that I was able to remove the hinge itself without messing with any other part on the DW pedal. Four screws and two minutes later ... I had my new DW Delta Hinge installed. The DW 5000ND3 Turbo Strap-Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal is now as quite as a mouse ... actually quieter. Smooth, responsive and quiet ... you can't ask for more ... especially in the recording studio.

Now all my pedals are session ready ... and no more last minute idiot checks to make sure I have the right Kick pedal. For less than $30.00, why not get your DW pedal studio ready? Like me, you'll be glad you did.

Worth noting ...

DW Pedals and Hardware have a Five Year Limited Warranty! For a period of five years from the date of purchase, Drum Workshop, Inc. guarantees the original owner, when presented with proof of purchase, that all 9000, 5000 and 7000 Series Bass Drum Pedal cast parts are free of material and manufacturing defects. This warranty is limited to cast parts only; such as the base casting, footboard, beater hub, sprocket, heel and cam casting. This warranty does not include moving parts; such as the spring assembly, beater ball, radius rod, hex shaft, ball bearings, etc. If under normal playing conditions parts covered in this limited five year warranty fail, they will be replaced at no charge. Return the pedal to your authorized DW dealer or, if there is not a dealer in your area, contact DW direct. DO NOT send pedal to DW without first receiving a Return Authorization Number. Shipping charges to DW will be paid by the consumer. DW’s maximum liability pursuant to this warranty is limited to the monetary value of the product that is the subject of the warranty claim. This is a summary only; please see the actual limited warranty for additional terms and conditions.