Flack Wackers

Flack Wackers are multi-rod type beating apparatus, made from naturally supple, straight twigs found from half way around the world. Flack Attack Percussion owner, Mike Flack, has devised a unique apparatus made to the specifications desirable to drummers and percussionists, allowing for self adjustment to provide a wide spectrum of sounds.

An array of texture and volume are possible for live and/or recorded situations. Practice is made quieter for hotel room, apartment or condo settings as well. The artists palette is restricted only by his or hers imagination. Cymbal sounds are as well unique.

Acclaimed for their durability by test market groups, the Flack Wackers will not break and fall apart like similar competitors' products. Their price is competitive while their lasting ability is thriving ... unless you use them to beat out a fire.

This is the sound you have always been looking to have. The true train sound. The cave man using twigs sound. The bolder than brush sound. The 'don't-bleed-through-the-microphones' sound. The Sound Man-friendly sound. The acoustic sound. These are the Flack Wackers that can be used on calf skin head or wood devices (i.e. congas, djembes, cajons, etc).

Flack Wackers measure 16-inches long and 5/8 of an inch in diameter (approximately).

Retail price is $24.00 USD. To purchase or for more information, go to www.FlackAttackPercussion.com.