iCymbal® is a unique mobile device mount ergonomically designed for musicians. It works with any existing cymbal mount.

  • Place the iCymbal® with the Velcro side up on the desired location.
  • Secure with a wing nut and felt washers.
  • Place the 5 rubber braces with the fitted edge around your mp3 device and press down on the Velcro.

Once the device is secured in the mount, you can navigate with just a finger tip.

The ring attachment supports eyeglasses or to hang the iCymbal on a drum when not in use. Headphones with a small jack is recommended, but will still work with MP3 ear buds.

Made in the USA


The iCymbal® allows you to mount electronic devices such as MP3 players, iPods, and smartphones to the threaded rod of any cymbal stand or cymbal boom arm.

This mounting bracket is made of a hard, molded plastic, fitted with circular Velcro (female) patches on one side, and comes with five rubber braces with Velcro (male) backing, allowing you to adhere just about any slender electronic device to the iCymbal® ... and thus to the cymbal stand. For thicker devices such as a metronome, the iCymbal® comes with extra Velcro strips, allowing you to adhere the device directly to the iCymbal®.

The advantages of the iCymbal® is that you can position your MP3 player or smartphone right where you need it — whether that be in the practice room or on stage — drum or percussion set-up. Like a cymbal, the iCymbal mount can be rotated 360° on the threaded cymbal stand rod.

A second iCymbal® model is also available, designed to mount your iPad to the cymbal stand. The design of the iPad model does not make use of Velcro; the iPad snaps onto the iCymbal®, making it more secure.

The iCymbal® works well, although care must be taken when using headphones, earbuds, inear monitors or power cable connected to the device. Should you trip or tug on a cable (eg. forgetting that you have headphones on as you walk away), you risk pulling the electronic device free from the Velcro brackets, sending your MP3 player or smartphone crashing to the floor. Very strong vibrations can also cause your electronic device to shake free from the Velcro; be careful. Although I received the iPad version of the iCymbal, I wasn't able to thoroughly test it since I don't own an iPad. However, I doubt that the iPad would run the same risk, since it doesn't make use of Velcro; you could still pull the cymbal stand over, which is true with any mount or bracket you use.

For more information and pricing on the iCymbal®, including demonstration videos, visit www.iCymbal.com.