Manhasset Drummer Stand 53DDrummer Stand 53DManhasset HiHat Drummer Stand 53DHHiHat Drummer Stand 53DH


Designed specifically for the drummer and percussionist, the Drummer Stand now makes it possible to place the music exactly where its needed — without taking up floor space.

Manufactured by Manhasset and designed by Andy Ziker, the Drummer Stand (53D) and HiHat Drummer Stand (53DH) are both extremely portable with a full desk and attach via a multi-angle, multi-clamp to all types of drumset hardware and percussion equipment racks, as well as microphone and music stands.

The Drummer Stand 53D comes with a straight, 16-inch, chrome-plated shaft with Manhasset's standard 2-score desk/tray, as well as the dual clamp/dual swivel mounting system. Also available, the Drummer Stand 53DW, which is the straight shaft version with the wider, 4-score desk/tray.

The HiHat Drummer Stand 53DH makes use of a "double curved" black shaft for a better placement of the music stand when attaching it to a hihat stand. Like its predecessor, the 53DH comes with the Manhasset standard 2-score desk/tray, and the dual clamp/dual swivel mounting system. It is also available with the wider, 4-score desk/tray, the HiHat Drummer Stand 53DHW.

I found both models, the 53D and the 53DH to be extremely versatile and useful within my drum and/or percussion set-ups. I was able to place the Drummer Stand exactly where I needed a music stand by clamping it to an existing hihat stand, cymbal stands, drum rack system, and microphone stands.

For times when I had a larger score, I just attached the Drummer Stand to one of my standard Manhasset music stands (model #48), expanding to a 4-score vertical or horizontal view.

The Drummer Stand also worked extremely well as a percussion tray, allowing me to position the desk/tray in a horizontal position in order to hold assorted mallets, sticks and small percussion instruments (eg. tambourine).

I highly recommend the Manhasset Drummer Stand to every drummer and percussionist, student to professional, educator to performer. The Drummer Stand is a MUST HAVE, not only because you can reduce the "foot print" of a standard music stand, but you get a compact, easy to transport music stand that will fit into any musical situation, regardless of how large or small your drum/perc set-up is, or the amount of space you may have available to you — on stage or in the practice room.

For more information regarding possible set-up options, as well as the flexibility and versatility of the Drummer Stand, watch my video review below.