Rhythm Tech - Stickball Shaker

NAMM Show - "Best In Show"

The Rhythm Tech Stickball Shaker, designed by Billy Ward, is the first shaker designed to mount on a drumstick. It slides easily on and off your drumstick to give you the ability to play shaker grooves right on the kit. Slide it midway down the stick for hi-hat or snare accents, place it on the end of your stick for a percussive tip, or take the stick-mounted stickball and place it in your kick-side shoe for a heel-shaking good time.

According to Billy Ward, a world-renowned jazz and studio musician, "The Stickball replaces all those egg-shakers you've tried to get to work in a studio environment. They just aren't loud enough and they're too high-pitched. It's better than a dozen eggs because it's darker sounding and the microphones love it."

Billy Ward - Stickball Shaker Demo


The Stickball Shaker is a simple and effective device, designed to allow the drummer/percussionist to play a shaker sound while simultaneously playing another percussion instrument with a drumstick. The performer can play the Stickball as is, like a standard shaker, or quickly slide it onto a drumstick, playing it while striking a drum, cymbal or other percussion instrument.

The added weight of having the Stickball on the drumstick will take some getting used to, but nothing that can't be overcome with a little practice. The feel varies greatly depending on where you place the Stickball on the drumstick. Listening to the sounds being produced from the shaker is paramount to using the instrument effectively in a musical fashion.

I don't know about the Stickball "replacing all those egg-shakers"; how can any instrument replace another when the sounds produced by each are unique, special and one-of-a-kind? For me, the Stickball is adding to my arsenal of sound possibilites. It's not replacing anything ... rather adding to my sound pallete's color potential ... making some of the production tasks easier to achieve.

This well-made, extremely functional, and fun to play instrument will be a welcomed addition to any stickbag or percussion box. I highly recommend the Stickball Shaker to every drummer and percussionist.