It's For You He Came

Mark Bovee's It's For You He Came is a jazz trio Christmas CD featuring Drummer Cafe owner / founder Bart Elliott on drums and percussion. Bart uses his vintage GRETSCH (c.1968) Progressive Jazz kit, Sabian HH cymbals, LP Congas & Bongos, Irish Bodhran and assorted percussion toys ... including Sleigh Bells of course.

Mark Bovee on piano, George Anderson on bass and Bart Elliott on drums/percussion ... all of the rhythm tracks were first or second takes, recorded simultaneously on the same sound stage. No ProTools tracking or editting. Several cuts feature jazz vocalist Christi Bovee with the trio, and there's also several solo piano pieces.

You can purchase the CD directly from Bart, through the Drummer Cafe, for only $10.95.

"Bart, I listened to the CD on Thanksgiving Day ... you sound great on it!"Billy Ward

"Bart sounds GREAT, and the arrangements are really nice! This is definitely going to become a staple in my Christmas music collection. I bought one last year, and then bought another as a gift to my sister-in-law, and she loved it!"Keith Cronin

"Bart ... the Christmas CD is beautiful; you sound great!"Ernie Durawa

"One of my favorite Christmas projects EVER!"Randy Adams