Billy Ward - Out The Door

Fans and friends of Billy Ward will be extremely pleased with his sophomore album release Out The Door; I know I was!

The Billy Ward Trio, Barry Coates (Electric Guitar Synth), Bill Urmson (4/5 String Bass) and Billy Ward (drums), takes the listener on a 49-minute, highly musical journey through 11 compositions by Barry Coates; engineered and mixed by Billy Ward himself at his own studio (DrumPike) in New York ... no wonder the drums sound fantastic!

This album, having received it only a few days ago, has been a sonic sorbet for my aural pallet. I can't pick a favorite track because each one is delicious! To me, a great CD is one that remains in your CD player no matter what you are craving. Whether you are in the mood for serious listening or just want something in the background, this project fits the bill. Out The Door has something for everyone ... but for the drummer/percussionist ... it's the full meal deal baby!

Out The Door exposes the listener to Billy's musicianship, chops, time keeping, creativity, odd meter and phrasing, metric modulations and displacements, straight and swung feels, as well as the Billy Ward trademarks — groove and pocket, keen textural sensibilities, highly evolved timbre and color choices ... and personality.

If you are a student of the art of drumming, you've GOT to get this CD. I don't care what genre of music you think you are into, you need this album in your life! If Billy would have let me name the album ... (Out the Door is cool by the way, if you're reading this Billy) ... I'd call it Off The Hook!

As an independent artist, Billy has made it possible for you to purchase/download individual tracks (see below), but you should just save yourself the trouble (and delayed regret) ... just purchase the full CD ... you'll be glad you did!

Okay the CD just finished playing ... time to hit PLAY again.

I absolutely love this very musical CD...Billy plays with such a great touch and feel, and the sound of the recording is amazing... A completely wonderful listening experience

— Dave Weckl

This is the coolest music I have heard in a very long time. I think it's the hippest Jazz I've heard in a long time. Your playing is very different from what I am used to hearing from you and I really like it. It sounds great too, and it definitely has a great "live" vibe. love the compositions, very cool and slick in a slightly "leftfield" kinda way. Great stuff!

— Thomas Lang

You can listen and/or download tracks from the album at Amazon and iTunes.