HL BobMarley Play-Along

Bob Marley Drum Play-Along will help you play some of the most popular Bob Marley reggae classics, quickly and easily. Just follow the drum notation, listen to the CD to hear how the drums should sound, then play along using the separate backing tracks. The lyrics are also included for quick reference. The audio CD is playable on any CD player, and also enhanced so PC & Mac users can adjust the recording to any tempo without changing the pitch!

Tunes include: Could You Be LovedGet Up, Stand UpIs This LoveJammingNo Woman No CryStir It UpThree Little BirdsWaiting in Vain



The Hal Leonard Bob Marley Drum Play-Along - Volume 25 book/CD package features eight classic Bob Marley reggae hits to play drums to. The book itself is 46-pages of drum transcriptions from the songs with lyrics written above the measures, making it easy to follow along as you play (assuming you already know the tune and/or the melody). The CD includes studio performances and play-along tracks (minus drums) for each of the eight tunes.

I was impressed with the quality of the recording as well as the feels on the majority of the tracks. While the transcriptions are not exactly perfect to Marley's original recordings, and some of the nuances are missing in the notation and recorded drum parts (eg. HiHat accents and/or phrasing), the package overall is very good.

If you've never played reggae drum grooves before and you want to learn, or even if you are a seasoned professional, Bob Marley Drum Play-Along - Volume 25 is a must have. Not only do the eight tunes represent a nice cross-section of Bob Marley music classics, but they also serve as examples for reggae One-Drop and Steppers drum beats, in both straight and swung feels.

With Bob Marley being one of the most famous and influential Jamaican musicians of all time — a quintessential reggae artist — you can't go wrong with adding this to your drumming educational library. To truly emerse yourself into the reggae music style, I highly recommend that you pick-up the Bob Marley - Legend CD as well, listening to Marley's rendition of the tunes referenced in this play-along ... and then some. Note the differences between the studio versus live cuts on the album. By gleaning the feel from the original recordings and applying it to the notated reggae "riddem" ... it's certain to make Jah very happy ... as well as place you on the path to sounding like a true reggae drummer. Cool