Iron Horse - Change My Religion


The latest release by IRON HORSE, Change My Religion, features long-standing Drummer Cafe member Gaetano Nicolosi, who not only played drums ... and percussion ... but he also produced, recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered the entire album!

A brief history of IRON HORSE ... it was formed back in the early 90's by Ron Keel of the band KEEL as a sideline band project. IRON HORSE contributed to a couple of movies during the 1990s, released a CD a few years ago and are now making a comeback with their new lead singer, Charlie Wayne Morrill (HAWK/ BULLET BOYS).




Change My Religion is a somewhat diverse CD with a mix of Country/Rock, Metal, and more prevelant thoughout the album, Classic 80's Melodic Hard Rock. Even the Rock Power Ballads have an 80's approach to them. So all in all, IRON HORSE is a retro 80's band (to my ears), down to the guitar parts, drum sounds and fills, and overall album mix.

It's a bit unique to have the ability to cross-over several music genres while still maintaining an 80's sound. You can hear the influences of Keel (obviously), Warrant, Eagles, Vengeance, Twisted Sister, 38 Special and Tesla.

Track Listing:
1. On Fire
2. Change My Religion
3. In His Shadow
4. Another Day in Paradise
5. Scarecrow
6. Overkill
7. All That You Need
8. Should Have Known Better
9. In Your Eyes
10. Bow Legged Woman
11. Love & Squeez
12. Blinded
13. To See You

Gaetano's drumming is solid throughout the entire album and he has done a fine job with coming up with his parts. The drum fills, big drumkit set-up and overall drum sound is consistent with the 80's retro vibe of the band ... and this album.

You can listen to sample cuts from the album and download the entire CD by visiting Gaetano's MySpace page ( or the Iron Horse MySpace page (

A big THANK YOU to Gaetano for being a HUGE supporter of the Drummer Cafe; even gave some props in the CD liner notes!

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