KAV trio - Outta' Here!Outta’ Here released in Philadelphia on the 4th of July 2010, is the debut recording by the KAV trio, featuring Anthony Viscounte on vibraphone and marimba, Mark Amentt on bass, Sean J. Kennedy on drumset and percussion, with guest artist Paul Vasquez on guitar. This collective effort pays tribute to former Philadelphia Phillies announcer Harry Kalas. The seven compositions on this disc span a variety of genres and depict a special aspect of the Philadelphia Phillies, Kalas, and the special 2008 World Series Championship run.


Outta’ Here is a memorable listening experience with seven well conceived, original compositions for jazz trio (vibes/marimba, bass and drums). The recording itself has a nice organic sound and feel to it, like old-school analog. 

The first track, Phunky Phanatic, is swingin' New Orleans style funk tune with a nice, upbeat feel, featuring Viscounte on the vibraphone, backed by bass, drums and guitar ... and some cowbell. 

Bullpen Blues is a dirty 12/8 blues tune featuring Viscounte on marimba and Amentt on upright bass. There's also some greasy tambourine (and drum) playing by Kennedy, 

Clearwater Morning is a bouncy, yet peaceful, tune based on the traditional "Gaelic Beannacht" melody covered by the vibes. Definitely left me with that 'spring is in the air' sense of happiness. 

Howard's Homers is a hoppin' 12-bar blues shuffle with an added 8-bar bridge on the head of the tune, and features the entire trio. After the vibraphone solo, Kennedy integrates a 12/8 cascara bell pattern during the electric bass solo, and does some tasty hi-hat work in the bridge sections. He also trades fours with the band before taking them back to the head. The tune is sandwiched between crowd noise and cheers.

October Wind lives up to its name, giving that cool chill one would experience up north towards the end of the baseball season. Some nice tension and release throughout the composition, making use of assorted textures and dynamics, as well as major and minor tonality shifts. 

The Curse of Billy Penn is the most contemporary sounding tune on the album, fusing jazz, latin and funk with a marimba/vibraphone duo melody, bass, guitar and drums, plus a full arsenal of percussion instruments finger cymbals, timbales, shekere, congas, wind chimes, gong, cowbell and more.

Outta' Here! (Tribute to Harry Kalas) is a jazzy, mid-tempo Caribbean tune once again featuring Viscounte on the vibraphone, and accompanied by electric bass and guitar, drums, and an assortment of percussion including congas, shaker, and triangle.

Anthony Viscounte and Sean J. Kennedy not only showcase their compositional skills, sharing the writing duties on the entire album, but also do a fine job in their solo and supportive performance roles.

Outta’ Here will most certainly be viewed as a home-run among percussion and jazz enthusiasts, and since it never pushes the envelope, is sure to never hear "foul" from non-jazz listener. For the baseball / jazz fan ... the album will truly be Outta' Here!