Ritimista - World Percussion Play-Along Volume 1

The Ritimista World Percussion Play-Along series is intended as a practice tool for musicians of any instrument. It was created in response to several students and friends who have expressed difficulty finding suitable traditional percussion tracks to practice playing with.

Volume One consists of eleven rhythms found in a variety of African and Latin music styles. Each short rhythm is looped for approximately three minutes, and is presented at two different tempos. Every track begins with a four-beat axatse rattle count-in. The rattle remains softly in the background throughout the loop and increases in volume again for the last eight beats, signaling its ending.

Using the CD as your accompaniment, simultaneously play any and all rhythms you choose. Also, feel free to improvise and freely jam along with the tracks. In case you would like to learn these specific drum, bell and clave rhythms, a link to complete written notation (in standard and boxed formats) is also provided with the CD.

Pianists, guitarists, or indeed any non-percussionists can benefit from the CD as well, practicing montunos, comping, melodies and soloing ideas over the top of each track.

Rhythms featured on Ritimista: Volume One include . . .

(at both slow and fast tempos)

4/4 Tumbao • 6/8 Tumbao • Rumba Guaguancó

Cáscara • Son Clave • Rumba Clave

Kuku • Fanga • Kpanlogo

Pa-Go-Ta • 12/8 Bell


This simple play-along CD should be a lot of fun for beginner percussionists and drummers who are new to world percussion rhythms. There are 22 tracks; 11 different rhythms played at a moderately-slow tempo, then twice as fast. Can be used in your practice session as a substitute for a metronome. Perfect for playing along to while working on the rhythmic patterns of other percussion instruments found in these world rhythms.