The Police - Drum Play-Along

With The Police Drum Play-Along Book/CD, you can play your favorite Police songs quickly and easily! Just follow the drum notation, listen to the CD to hear how the drums should sound, then play along using the separate backing tracks. Features "note-for-note" transcriptions from the original recordings! The lyrics are also included for quick reference.

The audio CD is playable on any CD player, and also enhanced so PC and Mac users can adjust the recording to any tempo without changing the pitch!

Sit in Stewart Copeland's spot and play along with these Police classics: "Can't Stand Losing You", "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da", "Don't Stand So Close to Me", "Every Breath You Take", "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic", "Spirits in the Material World", "Synchronicity II", and "Walking on the Moon".


The Police Drum Play-Along Volume 12 package comes with a book of drum transcriptions to eight popular tunes by The Police as well as an accompaning CD with two tracks, with and without drums, for each of the eight tunes.

The drum transcriptions are accurate, taking any where from 4 to 9 pages for each song. Lyrics are written above the drum part to assist the performer in playing his/her place in the chart. Unless you already know the tune or plan to play along with the original Police recordings, having the lyrics on the drum chart is a moot point since the play-along CD is instrumental only (no vocals).

The play-along CD comes with two separate tracks for each tune; one with drums and one without drums. The performance on the CD (not The Police) is well executed and recorded. Congratulations to drummer Scott Schroedl on a job well done!

The CD also comes with a Lite version of Amazing Slow Downer, a computer program which allows the musician to repeat any section of the music at full speed, slow it down or even speed it up by stretching the music by -50% to 125% without changing the pitch. Amazing Slow Downer works on both MAC and PC computers, however your CD ROM unit must be capable of reading digital audio (most modern IDE devices will work, some older may not work). Unfortunately the book contains no information about the program; you must view the README file in the Amazing Slow Downer folder on the CD and install the program in order to take advantage of the features.

The Police Drum Play-Along Volume 12 is a great resource for any drummer interested in adding a quality play-along package to their music library ... especially if they are a fan of The Police and/or the drumming stylings of Stewart Copeland.