The Drummer's Blueprint for Creativity, Time Keeping and Groove.

Billy Ward - Big Time DVD

Billy Ward - Big Time is a riveting look at the very essence of what makes the human clock tick. Included are lessons, performances and insights, all presented in a format that strips the art of drumming to its very core. Join world-renowned session drummer and educator Billy Ward as he explores a vital and untapped side of practical groove theory.

Billy Ward - Big Time DVD Features:

• Billy's alternate perspective on basic rudiments, fills, shuffles, and miking techniques

• 45 minutes of uncut footage of solos and jams with fast rising bassist Andy Hess

• Billy and Andy demonstrate the importance of pocket and break down the elements of timekeeping

• Optional foot cam view and commentary by Billy

REVIEW 4cups

I think the reason I enjoyed Big Time so much is because I have the same basic philosophies on music, drumming and groove as Billy does. The DVD was made with Billy's own money, sweat and determination. The camera work and editting has a real "home spun" feel to it ... which definitely makes the entire DVD experience more personal. I'll also say that if your motivation for playing drums is anything other than making good music and furthering your art, this DVD is not for you.

Billy is a great communicator, educator and musician ... and all of these qualities come through in this DVD. His quirky and insightful concepts on drumming, but more specifically being creative, making the music groove, and feel good time keeping. The segments where Billy speaks and works with student drummers (ala master class) are especially nice, and of course all of his playing is off-the-hook.

I highly recommend Big Time, which feels more like a drum movie than your typical drum instructional video ... and that's a good thing! There's so much great information, I don't know where to begin! Just watch the trailer (see above) and I think you'll get what I mean. And of course, check out the other clips from the DVD if you still need more convincing that you need this DVD in your drum library.  You're going to glean a lot from Billy.

Billy Ward's Big Time DVD won Modern Drummer's Best Instructional award in 2005.