Chip Ritter and the Pedal of BoomFollowing his debut DVD "STICK TRICKS", Chip Ritter is back with a brand new bass drum Funstrunctional Video, and this time it's all about the BOOM! Includes seven progressive chapters starting first with Ritter's ABC method - (how anyone can streamline the introduction of new and challenging patterns to their playing), Hand / Foot co-ordination builders, The HEEL Toe Method, The Power of Three, and Advanced Examples. For single pedal bass drumming on the drum set, this video also contains Chip Ritter's insight, advice, and specific practice examples designed to improve your bass drum independence, control, and speed. Ride along with Chip and merge your foot into the FAST lane...Bring On The BOOM! Run time is 64 minutes. DVD Bonus Features includes: Live Performance Drum Solos and Outtakes.

Preview - Chip Ritter and the Pedal of Boom


In Chip Ritter and The Pedal of Boom, Chip takes a fun approach to the whole "feel the need for speed" with his motor vehicle and roadway motif throughout the educational process.

The DVD starts out with Chip's ABC Method of approaching new grooves, rhythms and patterns, taking them from the practice room and onto the performance stage. Valuable information and concepts for everyone; beginner to advanced players.

Chapter Two is Ready, Set, Boom which focuses on basic Bass Drum pedal set-up and techniques. Chapter Three, Hands AND Feet, gets into basic coordination which involves the bass drum striking on the down-beats or up-beats as it relates to the one hand (eg. HiHat), as well as Bass Drum playing in unison with either hand when playing hand-to-hand patterns.

Chapter Four, Hands THEN Foot, playing the Bass Drum between the hand strokes. This isn't linear drumming but rather inserting off-beat sixteenth-notes, for example, between the eighth-notes on the HiHat or Snare drum. Chip also gets into incorporating singles and doubles on the Bass Drum alone, then adding the HiHat and Snare drum. Towards the end of this chapter, Chip does demonstrate several linear fill ideas between the Kick, Snare and Tom Toms.

In Chapter Five, HEEL Toe Method, Chip does a nice job of breaking down the technique of using the heel and of the foot, in conjunction with his Trick pedal, to perform quick bursts of doubles on the Bass Drum.

Now half-way through the DVD, in Chapter Six, The Power of Three, Chip demonstrates exercises for playing triplets, as well as moving from straight patterns into triplets. He also covers shuffles, swung figures/patterns and three-note groupings.

Chapter Seven, Advanced Examples, gets into linear drumming, integrating all of the concepts covered in the earlier chapers. Chip also has a "HiHat Boot Camp" where he demonstrates basic ways to add the left foot (HiHat) into the mix.

The last fifteen minutes of this 67-minute DVD contains credits, Chip's gear/equipment endorsements, outakes and bloopers, and four live performance clips of Chip with several bands.

If you are looking for assistance in developing your single pedal technique on the Bass Drum, and get a laugh out of the process, Chip Ritter and The Pedal of Boom, just might be the ticket for you. The DVD is definitely made for the young player in mind, starting with elementary techniques, but definitely moves forward, taking the beginner to more advanced Bass Drum pedal techniques and applications. This doesn't mean a seasoned player wouldn't be able to glean something from the DVD, because there's a plenty of good information, concepts and ideas, for every level player.

From a production point of view, I want to mention that I was a bit bummed with the audio quality throughout the video. I have no doubt that if Chip had a lapel or boom mic during the instructional narrative segments, this DVD would have scored much higher with me. There's no issue with understanding or comprehending Chip's diaglogue, but there's a lot of room ambience (because of the distant mic) throughout, and varies greatly from location to location. I also think the video editing could have been a little tighter. Not a big deal really, but improving on these few minor production points would take this DVD up another level with me. The opening segment with Chip in the car is great! I just wanted to see the DVD maintain that level of production quality.