Tower of Groove: Complete DVD


Clearly one of the greatest funk drummers of all time, David Garibaldi performs eight great tunes with a six-piece band and then breaks down his drum part in each tune section by section. Styles covered include Latin, funk, hip-hop, and jazz. He also demonstrates the drum grooves from seven classic Tower of Power tunes. David Garibaldi combines his innovations of funk from his Tower of Power days with his new innovations in Afro-Cuban music and demonstrates how to incorporate them into modern music. This DVD shows you how to become your own drummer and how to create your own signature sound.

The DVD also includes some bonus features such as music notation examples in printable PDF files of the various parts David breaks down and demonstrates. There's also a short preview of Dave Garibaldi's book, Future Sounds, a "3 Bell Funk" video lesson and footage taken during a European tour with RAD.

Originally published in 1994 on VHS format, they did a nice job of converting it over to DVD. It even looks nice on my big screen, HD plasma TV! Check out the video clips below!!!

David gives a nice introduction into balancing the drumset as well as approaching song as a unique musical statement. It's this reason that I think this DVD is perfect for drummers of all skill levels, regardless of the style or music genre you are interested in.

If you are a serious student of the art of drumming, you need to pick-up a copy of Tower of Groove: Complete as well as Future Sounds, Code of Funk and TimbaFunk.