Dennis Chambers - Master Drummer DVDImagine getting to hang out in a world-class recording studio with one of the most talented drummers alive. Dennis Chambers has worked with some of the biggest names in all genres of the music world including Santana, Dr Dre, Steely Dan, P-Funk, Snoop Dog, Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock to name a few. Additionally he has played on over 400 records.

In this DVD you will get an insider's look at the life of a man Carlos Santana called a Master Drummer.

Dennis Chambers
started playing drums at the age of 4, and began performing in clubs at the age of 6. From there he went on to work with some of the biggest names in music. From being asked to play with James Brown at the age of 13 (his mom wouldn't let him!) to joining P-Funk, Dennis has played and recorded with professional groups that span the different categories of music from funk to fusion, rock to reggae, jazz to Latin, Dennis Chambers has played them all with an extremely rare level of mastery.

If you are a fan of music, a musician, songwriter, DJ - and especially if you are a drummer - this DVD is a must. You will see a rare interview and musical performances that will blow you away!

This DVD also features bass player Benny Rietveld, who plays with Santana and has played with Miles Davis, John Lee Hooker, Booker T Jones, Sheila E and more. You'll love the drum and bass jams these two make up on the spot.


Master Drummer starts out with Dennis Chambers sharing some interesting stories about his time with James Brown, P-Funk/Funkadelic, Steely Dan and Santana. He also talks about his upbringing, how he got his start in drumming and how he learned to do what he does. At times I felt there was too much detail in the stories, which seemed to drag on ... more specifically a story or two (ie. Man on Fire) that didn't have anything to do with Dennis or drumming per se, so I began to loose interest. Overall the stories are interesting, funny and educational, with little bits of wisdom sprinkled throughout.

Along with the stories in the main segment of the DVD, which lasts about 45-minutes, Dennis demonstrates the James Brown 'Fat Back' groove, as well as his approach to the tune "Chameleon". Bassist Benny Rietveld and Dennis demonstrate how to listen and groove, and do a fantastic job of working and playing together ... making music together.

There's another 2-hours worth of footage in the Special Features which includes Additional Performances by Dennis and Benny, as well as Overhead Shots from quite a few performances, including Dennis' solos. Additional Interviews with Dennis include topics such as Recording, Tuning/Maintenance, Drumming Styles, Matched vs. Traditional Grip, Playing with a Soloist, and much more.

The playing aspects of the Master Drummer DVD ... as if there was ever any question ...  clearly shows that Dennis Chambers is a great musician ... who happens to play the drums.

I enjoyed the production quality and content of this DVD, sort of a breath of fresh air in fact, simply because it's different than other Dennis Chambers DVDs ... and other drum educational discs for that matter.

I recommend Master Drummer to anyone who is serious about making a living in music, especially drummers and percussionists. Hearing Dennis' take on the music business and making music, plus seeing  and hearing him play alone and with a bassist, makes this disc a valuable resource.