Drumbassadors Volume 1

Drumbassadors: Volume 1 features spectacular performances of the original compositions that the world-renowned drumset duo of René Creemers and Wim de Vries have become famous for. Based in the Netherlands, the Drumbassadors have appeared at every major international concert venue and drum festival and continue to entertain audiences with their unprecedented combination of technical and musical showmanship.

Stylistically, Rene Creemers and Wim De Vries combine European, African, and American grooves, sounds, and melodies in their own unique way. An essential requirement of their repertoire is that it must consist of songs'. Melody, no matter how simple, is key. Besides using different kinds of sticks Rene and Wim use their fingers and sing and rap words, with only one goal in mind: to feature the drum kit as a musical instrument with unlimited possibilities. That's why this Drummbassadors DVD sounds like a global journey rather than a drum show-off. Their musical, creative and virtuoso approach to the drumset is clearly perceptible on this DVD, therefore Volume 1 is a must for all music lovers. The Drummbassadors run the gamut, from left to right, from top to bottom, from loud to soft, from thick to thin, from green to yellow, from round to square, from fast to slow, and....they do it with confidence!


I found the Drumbassadors: Vol. 1 to be very creative and refreshing. René Creemers and Wim de Vries are two musicians who happen to express themselves on the drumset. This isn't your average drum DVD! Although it is instructional by the fact that you'll definitely learn something while watching it, the focus is on music, composition and expression. Each piece of music is centered around these two fine drummers, each on a drum kit, weaving rhythms, colors, grooves and vocalizations into a beautiful artistic expression.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this DVD ... and was actually able to walk away and just listen ... and that's a good thing! I didn't have to watch in order to enjoy what I was hearing.

For those that are looking for "chops" ... you won't be disappointed. There's plenty of chops throughout the disc, which runs 75-minutes, but the focus is on composition and making music. One can hear and see the training these two drummers clearly have ... not to mention the fun they have working with each other.

Both artists are interviewed, which is available in Dutch, German, French and English (translated).

Drumbassadors: Vol. 1 is a great investment for anyone who enjoys percussion oriented music compositions. Even for the novice, if you like Stomp, Blast and Blue Man Group, I think you'll enjoy the Drumbassadors. Although they aren't as theatrical as the other three groups I previously mentioned, they creativity with the instrument is just as fun! Watch the video clips I've provided (see above). I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to Volume 2!

For more information on this drumming duo, visit www.drumbassadors.com.