Pro Drum Shop's 50 Years DVD

A historical journey through Hollywood's recording & drumming industry from the 1950's to the modern day!

76 min Documentary
35 min. of extra stories & outakes

Emil Richards, Joe Porcaro, Curtis Kirk, Jim Keltner, Frank DeVito, Frank Capp, Jake Hanna , Marvin "Smitty" Smith, Remo Belli, Ruth Underwood, Washington Rucker, Howie Oliver, Hal Blaine, Ndugu Chancellor, Ronald Brunner Jr, Don Lombardi, Jeff Hamilton & many others...

Featuring the music of:
Tower of Power, Clayton/Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, Buddy Rich, Steely Dan, Joe Cocker, Count Basie, Art Blakey, Louie Bellson, The Doobie Brothers & Woody Herman!


The DVD, Professional Drum Shop's 50 Years, takes the viewer on a chronological trek through time as seen through the eyes of the Hollywood drum and percussion community.

The Professional Drum Shop, a family owned business located on Vine Street in Los Angeles, CA,  has been a place for drummers to congregate and shop since 1959. Its recent fifty year anniversary makes the Pro Drum Shop one of, if not THE oldest drum shops in the USA. Its legacy, along with the historically significant stories (Parental Advisory by the way) from shop workers and the patrons who were actually there from the very beginning — all playing a role in the history they are reminiscing about — makes this DVD unique, special, and one-of-a-kind.

Professional Drum Shop's 50 Years DVD is a must have for drum/percussion collectors, music historians and vintage drum lovers everywhere. The DVD retails for $24.95 and is available directly from the Professional Drum Shop; phone (323) 469-6285 or visit