Simon Phillips - Complete DVD Alfred announces this new DVD featuring one of the leading drummers in modern music, Simon Phillips. Simon has recorded and performed with an incredible of array of bands and artists, including The Who, Mick Jagger, Tears for Fears, Toto, Roxy Music, Jeff Beck, Pete Townsend, Robert Palmer, and Stanley Clark.

For the first time on DVD, and remixed by Simon himself in Dolby 5.1 surround, Simon Phillips: Complete includes Simon’s groundbreaking videos Simon Phillips and Simon Phillips Returns on one disc. This DVD combines brilliant trio performances with concise and informative instructional segments. Simon demonstrates the drum patterns played in each song, first slowly and then up to speed, and covers topics such as double bass drums, bass and snare drum tuning, hand/foot independence exercises, practice techniques, timekeeping, odd-meters, and playing with a click. In addition, he performs two incredible free form drum solos which incorporate the fiery technique and ambidexterity that he has become known for. Also included is brand new footage of Simon in the studio, explaining the concepts behind 5.1 surround and his own mixing process.


Although the two original videos Simon Phillips and Simon Phillips Returns were created back in 1992, they still feel fresh and hold a lot of great information ... and music! You not only get to see/hear Simon play in a trio setting with Anthony Jackson (bass) and Ray Russell (guitar), but you also get to watch Simon as he breaks down all of his grooves, giving lots of great advice on the topics mentioned earlier. Simon did a great job with the 5.1 Surround Sound remix on this disc, and the special feature, Introduction to 5.1 Surround is very informative. If you are new to 5.1 technology and want to learn more, hearing Simon explain the concept and art of 5.1 is a great way to get your feet wet!

Also included with this DVD is a printable PDF document of a interview with Simon Phillips from Modern Drummer magazine, July 2006, Volume 30, Number 7.

One final note, if you don't have a 5.1 Surround system and are worried about playing this disc ... no problem. Simon Phillips: Complete is also playable in 2.0 Stereo, a fold down from 5.1 Surround and the original 1992 2.0 Stereo format.

If you already own the original videos on VHS, you know just how valuable this new DVD is ... and well worth the re-investment. Still no convinced? Check out the video clip below from Simon Phillips: Complete and see for yourself!