The Rocker



"Rainn Wilson (TV's 'The Office') drums up huge laughs in this hilarious comedy about living in a rock 'n' roll dream... and waking up in a midlife crisis. Twenty years after being kicked out of his nearly famous '80s hair band, retired rocker Robert Fishman (Wilson) gets a hilarious second chance at stardom and must pull out all the stops to reclaim the rock-god throne he always thought he deserved! "

The Rocker is rated PG-13 for drug and sexual references, nudity and language.




I found The Rocker to be OK. Not great and not bad, yet still amusing.

Although it was promoted as a movie for young viewers, ads appeared on Nickelodeon, the content was completely inappropriate for kids. Numerous shots of Rainn Wilson's bare butt, scenes with Wilson getting drunk, and scenes of Wilson making sex jokes ... please. And for adults, the movie never really got into the whole parody of '80s hair bands or the bizarre world of the rock music industry like it could have. I think it's rather obvious that The Rocker is trying to ride on the popularity of "School of Rock"; even Rain Wilson's character is very Jack Black-ish.

Overall I think the movie is fun, but parents need to pay attention to the PG-13 rating. Rainn Wilson carries the movie alright as Robert 'Fish' Fishman. His enthusiasm for rock, his disdain for his former band mates, and joy at rediscovering rock glory are a lot of fun to watch. Drummers and musicians alike should get a good laugh with the parody that does exist. If you are child of the '80s, you'll recognize a lot of memorable rock songs in the background. Toe tapping? Perhaps.

I'm glad I waited to rent this as opposed to seeing it in the movie theater. I'm giving this a "3 Cup" rating, but only because I think musicians, especially drummers, will find this funnier than the average individual. If it weren't for that connection, this movie would only get a "2 Cup" rating. For what it's worth, Pete Best is supposed to have a cameo role in the movie, but I must have missed him. I guess I'm not enough of a Beatles fan to recognize him in a split second. Oh well.