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Steve Gadd

This Steve Gadd drum solo comes from the Spyro Gyra tune entitled "Conversations", which first appears in 1983 on Spryo Gyra's seventh album, City Kids.

The 16-measure drum solo starts in the middle of the tune, around the 03:33 time mark. The tempo marking is brisk, 155-156 bpm during the solo; the overall tempo throughout the tune varies a bit. I've isolated the drum solo for you to listen to here.

Steve typically uses a 6-piece drumkit (four Tom-Toms), but in this solo he only plays two of the Toms, high and low, which is a real bonus for anyone wanting to work on this solo, in particular those using a 4-pc drumkits.

I'm personally very familiar with this Spyro Gyra tune as I was in a working jazz group back in college, playing a lot of vibes and drums, and "Conversations" was part of our repertoire.

The notated stickings are my own suggestions, based on my years of study of Steve Gadd and his rhythmic vocabularies. The tune is fast enough that using a "right hand lead" approach is probably the easiest, simplest and most reliable way to tackle the solo. By all means, adjust the sticking according to what works and sounds best to you, but after careful listening, I do believe this is the sticking Gadd is using on the recording.

Bart Elliott

Bart Elliott is a degreed professional musician with a Bachelor of Music in Percussion Performance, and Master of Music post-graduate work. His 40+ years in the music and entertainment industry, over 100 album recordings to his credit, as well as an exhaustive understanding of contemporary and classical music makes him a complete and skilled master musician.

Bart continues to work as an active drummer, percussionist, composer, producer, music arranger, director, comedian, MC, educator, writer and visual artist. He is the owner and creator of, which he founded in December of 1996.